Sunday, November 29, 2009

i'm exhausted, and not sleepy...agh, what ever

Twisted fingers and crooked glances. Neck sways to the left and jerks back to the right. Back straightens and the pops from muscles over bone going back into place. Stretching legs so far out that all toes ache. Ears sore from listening to all the bullshit the day had delivered. Silence is prayed for, but not Destin to happen until sleep. Rise. Walking so hard on tile flooring that the thuds could be heard from outside of the home. Neighbors glance in the general direction from the commotion of the hard stomps. The hallway or the living room? Hallway. Door handle still has paint on it from the idiots who were over paid and never did a fucking thing trying to restore this shell of a home from what the gulf waters did to it. Fuck he thought. I could have painted the damn door and not hit the handles with paint at least, I mean come on, I can’t draw a straight line and I could have done better. He turns the knob however and pushes himself through the way. Turning he sees’ the stack of CD’s that have been collecting dust and they only have been sitting here for about 3 days he says out loud. Digging, throwing, curling a lip at the thought of the what the hell he was thinking by purchasing that whiney bullshit. Jesus! UGH! Oh, I remember this, damn, this is crazy I have to play this! Clambering back up to his feet he bolts for the cd player in the living room and jams his fingers into the power button and all the other little black buttons that are now illuminated by the red and green light plastic cheap Christmas lights. The tray slides open and he takes the cd and starts vigorously rubbing it across his shirt to get the dust and smudges off the damn thing. Tosses the disk in and hit’s the tray for it to close. Play button, were is the fucking play button, ah, got it. Volume………..up up up up up!. Ok good, now what number was it? Shit, let me think……. First song starts, NO!, that’s not the one….damnit..umm, oh what is it 6 or 10? Whatever, lets just see. 10 it is. The first sound is the lead singer taking a fast deep breath and the anticipation is almost to much waiting for what is happen next. The deep scream and the band starts in to back him up. YES!!!! He turns the knob in hopes that God will somehow allow this stupid machine to surpass what the small Korean people who put this contraption together and put a limit on the sound, and will let him get it to a point that he can’t even hear his own thoughts. It hit a good pitch anyway. Grinning he starts singing along as loud as he wants because he knows it will drowned out by the music anyway……he hopes. The bass is hitting so hard you can feel the thuds on the cold tile floor below his feet like it did what was stomping on them earlier. Eyes are closed. Imagine what the rednecks next door are thinking? He burst into laughter. FUCKERS!!!! He screams. And laughs out loud again. Runs to the window and peeks out and sees just what he figured he would, 4 or 5 stupid rednecks standing around a truck staring back at the house that sounds like hells doors just threw themselves open and the hounds where prancing about. Again, bursting out in laughs he turns and screams with the music. The song is rearing to a end. He collapses to the floor and out stretches his arms and legs. Chest is heaving up and down from the sudden outburst of aggression. That was the last song on the disk. Silence once more. The only sound is his breathing slowing. Damn. I need a hobby………..

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