Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I fell through again.....

The weather people said that it is suppose to snow tomorrow and the following day. Well, they saints won, so why the hell not, right? anyway. i was driving down Spanish trail today and saw 2 guys walking south on the blvd. they were homeless obviously. but their expressions are what made me stop in my wake and take notice to the stagger as to which both of them possessed. The side to side, shoes to small or to big, to wear so the feet are not properly secured. i wanted to pull over and scream at them, "why the fuck did you let this happen to you, you stupid fucks!" but you don't what happened to these guys in the theirs lives to make them have to succumb to living this life style. horrible things i would predict. but, some i am sure is by choice. i knew a couple of gutter punks a few years back. i met them in new Orleans. my age, 3 of them, squatted in an old building in the warehouse district. really cool kids. last i heard, 2 of them were dead now. after hurricane Katrina drugs were pretty much at your local dollar store. anything and everything became accessible for a while. they bite the big on and wrapped their limbs around some major dope and gave into its love. so horrible. sig, the other guy left. hes some where now in Washington last i heard. dry out. oh well, its amazing how somethings make you remember other things you have forgotten about. how terrible of me to forget those guys. i will never forget again.

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