Friday, February 5, 2010

Lynda Carter this evening in Hard Rock Live

and i am stuck between what i think was once press board and Chinese drywall. passing out tickets the mass geriatric boca raton snow birds while my mind is miles and miles away from the red marble counters that scream, "bleed for us, we will give you comps!" right? hhmm...

It does not bother me that bad mind you, i would rather be outside in rain and cold chain smoking and bitching about the world like rest of the casino drones that slave away for the almighty slot machine gods. I am being dragged however to a Mardi Gras Ball this evening. Multitude of old and stupid people mopping themselves around a dance floor while the bellies are full on jello shots and the ever lingering stink of Bourbon and Crown Royale. blech. I will be in a mask and hoarding off on my corner of the table so i can people watch. Makes for a waste of an evening but i get the job done. Well.....merry we meet, merry we part right? catch you up later. Brian

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